Why did we develop tasters?

What can I expect on courses?

Will the teaching be worth it?

What’s their teaching style like?

All valid questions! And also the reason why we are currently touring the currently offering physician associate students FREE taster sessions at their University! This way you get to see our teaching style and can ask us questions regarding what will be covered and pricing for our full courses.

What does the taster involve?

We take ‘snippets’ of teaching directly from our full course material and deliver this over 2-3 hours. For example, we will cover some respiratory and cardiology conditions from the matrix. We’ll go through some work single best answer questions, giving you strategies to approach and answer these questions. The session will be rounded off with some data interpretation such as arterial blood gases.

How do I arrange a taster?

It’s that simple! Contact us NOW and book your FREE session!

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