Founded by two seasoned NHS doctors working in the NHS the Medical Excellence Team are always on hand to find creative and inspiring teaching solutions. Whether it is preparing Physician Associates for their national exams or helping doctors navigate the path through MRCP the Medical Excellence Team offer a number of exciting and innovative courses.

We constantly strive to ensure that you face your exams with confidence, knowledge and  assurance. Our team have a dedicated passion for teaching and training the next generation of healthcare professionals is part of who we are. Our versatile services will help you to enhance your career, pass exams and flourish in your chosen career path! 

Built on passion and ingenuity

Undeterred by the mass exodus of doctors to warmer climates, two friends with ten years of experience in the NHS between them became imbued with a passion to drive change in the healthcare profession. 

The NHS stands as the fifth largest employer in the world boasting approximately 1.2 million employees. As with any public sector organisation resources can at times be stretched, creating ‘trench like’ working conditions. Although at times tough, this environment creates resolve, leadership and memorable patient experiences.

Ziad K. Abdelnour

“An idea is like a virus, resilient, highly contagious and the smallest seed of an idea can grow”

For Professionals

Time spent on the job has allowed us to identify the difficulties faced by healthcare professionals. 


Our passion lies in teaching, from the tense third-year medical student, to fiery fifth years, to passionate physicians associates and postgraduate doctors alike!


We offer bespoke, diverse and versatile services catering to your learning needs. Our seasoned team will equip you with the skills to enhance your career, pass exams and flourish in your chosen field.

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